Technical data

Device typeDC16
CPU Motorola Coldfire
Outputs 16
Inputs 8
Extendable via the expansion interface up to maximum 200 E/A
Rotation encoder SSI, incremental
Programmable cams 1200
Speed compensation from 0 to max. 9999,9 ms
Cam programs 32768
PLC logic module AND, OR, NOT, Flag, Timer, Counter
Programming PC software Digisoft / S5 / S7 CamCon operating device
Serial interface RS 232 / RS 485
Supply voltage 24V DC +/- 20%
Current consumption 300mA (without load)
Output voltage 24V DC positive-switching
Output load 500/40mA per output
Working temperature from 0° to +55° C
Protection class front Housing corresponds to IP 20
Weight about 150g